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Business-in-a-Box 5.0.4

Business-in-a-Box 5.0.4: Business-in-a-Box - The World`s #1 Business Document Templates Software Business-in-a-Box is the World`s Leading Business Document Templates Software. Including over 1,500 business documents such as contracts, legal agreements, board resolutions, meeting minutes, letters, spreadsheets, plans, proposals, press releases, policies, forms and checklists, Business-in-a-Box is an essential tool to help you start, run & grow your business like a pro!

Business Valuation Software 1: Business valuation software with a calculated valuation and up to 10y forecast.
Business Valuation Software 1

Business Valuation Software is designed to provide an easy to use and verifiable business valuation. It combines relative indicators for future performance with basic financial data (Revenue, Variable and Fixed Costs) to value a business. By uniquely applying your intuitive business and market knowledge a business forecast with sensitivity analysis, investment return, and a business valuation is calculated. Business Valuation Software Online is easy

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Business Startup Expert 1.7: Business Startup Expert - Earning Money As A Small Business Consultant
Business Startup Expert 1.7

business tools and strategies so that you can start earning a living as a small business consultant. Start Your Own Small Business Consulting Firm In 3 Easy Steps. Step 1. Make up your mind that you would like to create your own career helping small businesses as a small business consultant. Step 2. Where do you find small business projects. Here are 4 great places to find small business projects. - - This is a small business marketplace

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Business Forecast Software 1: Business forecast software with sensitivity analysis and up to 10 year forecast.
Business Forecast Software 1

business and market knowledge a business forecast for up to 10 years with sensitivity analysis is developed. Business Forecast Software is easy to use, it runs in your web browser just like a web page, and is available for free trial. It generates a forecast to assess business performance for up to a 10 year period. The forecast is built by considering future changes in the macro and micro business environment and the impact on current business performance

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Business Process Analysis 1.0

business process analysis. Helps in finding useful information and resources like blogs and websites for people needing help with business process analysis. After you install, you will able to quickly learn what to expect from business process analysis. This is possible with the aid of the favorites facility of the toolbar. Business process analysis is a mystery to many people in business. Read and learn from the articles that you will find with

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Business Plan 1.7: Business Plan - Business Plan Creator And Consulting Service
Business Plan 1.7

business.  Business Plan also provides you with daily performance reports and tools to help you grow your business. What specific problem does Business Plan solve for you? - Solves not having a detailed business plan. - Solves not having effective business strategies. - Solves not having sufficient business knowledge and tools. - Solves not having a business mentor and coach. Features - Create your own business plan through a simple step-by-step

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Look Like Fortune 500 Company 1.0: How to look like a fortune 500 company for less than $200.
Look Like Fortune 500 Company 1.0

business is risky. According to Paul E. Adams author of Fail-Proof Your Business, “US statistics indicate that 80% of businesses will fail, while only 2% of businesses will ever become successful enough to earn real money.” Businesses from the corner deli sandwich shop to the large publicly traded corporation are always looking for innovative and creative ways to reduce their costs. In other words if you have a business or happen to work for

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